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Blog Post Week 3 Part 1

Hi friends! I hope that everyone is enjoying this class and the spring 2018 semester so far! Communication is a tricky thing to manage in general and then once you take it to a social platform things can be misread and misunderstood. Things can get taken out of context and people can make assumptions are that are not always accurate. This only makes it that much more important that businesses work to establish clear communication. This can be done in many ways.
I have had many positive and negative experiences with communicating with different companies. My biggest negative experience through communicating with a business was with a new start up company who had sent a defective product in the mail. Basically the product arrived at my doorstep broken. Allot of the miscommunication was because we were chatting via email and the majority of the conversation was automatized and done in a not so timely manner. By time I had reached an actual human being as opposed to dealing with an automa…
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Week #2 A Social Media Platforms

With an endless supply of different social media platforms at our fingertips, deciding which ones should be utilized for personal use and which ones should be utilized for your business can seem like a daunting task. Having grown up in the midst of the social media revolution, Facebook and Instagram were always my go to social media applications when I sought out connecting with friends and family. . I also feel that social media platforms such as dating applications such as Okcupid, Bumble, and Match are more optimizable for personal use. Given the nature of dating applications people can freely connect with others and socialize without having to leave the comfort of their home. Dating applications allows for connections to be made that may have not otherwise happened.       From a business perspective, I feel that Instagram and Facebook are becoming more business savvy as they have options in settings for business profiles and links while still having some of that personal aspec…

Week 1B Blogs I commented on

After going through all of the blogs in my color block group, I ended up commenting on all the blogs who had written their first post about their chosen theme.

I really enjoyed going through and reading why everyone chose the the themes that they did and seeing all of the different personalities come out. I have come to the conclusion that blogs are kind of like fingerprints, all are different and no two are the same. Each is unique to the individual.

Week 1A: My Template

Hi Friends!
I hope you are enjoying your week and are as excited for this class as I am! This is my first attempt at using Blogger, or any blogging platform for that matter, so this is such a learning curve! But I am excited and hopeful that I can master Blogger by the end of the semester.
    I chose a very simple theme as I like to customize everything. Customization makes things so much more personal and unique. It also provides the perfect opportunity to create something that represents yourself and your style. Initially I had chosen a travel blog theme with the intention of selecting a blog in less than 30 seconds, because who has time to individually go through every single theme and compare and contrast all of them? Not me! But then I discovered the customization button which allows for the changing of everything, and I mean everything, from the background image, to colors, and even the layout! I felt like I was at the Burger King of Blogging because I can have it my way.